When you attract a disease, whether it is a virus, or cancer, or even just breaking your arm, it is a manifestation of something in your vibration. If you are a match to the current virus, if this is a manifestation event that you need, then you will attract this disease even without ever getting near anyone else. If you are a match to a broken arm, then you can isolate yourself and be careful, and you will stumble over your own toes and fall over and break an arm. Whatever you are a match to, WILL happen.

The same goes for everyone else. If you are “super contagious” with the virus, and cough and spit all over your sons, but they are not a match to getting this virus, then they won’t get it. Nothing at all can happen to you, not even a disease, unless it is a match to your vibration. Many are choosing to receive this virus as a part of their awakening process. Many are using this disease as a much needed excuse to have some quiet time, to rest, to be alone. With these intense energies coming in, alone time and quiet can be very necessary for many. Some people are choosing to use the virus, getting sick, as an excuse to finally feel the fear that has been inside of them for so long. They finally allow themselves to get in touch with the lifelong feeling of being a victim, and being helpless. Now they get to process this feeling, due to feeling like a victim to Covid-19. But they cannot catch the virus unless they are a match to it! And how the disease plays out, if it is a light cold or serious illness needing help in a hospital, is also depending on what they are a match to. NOTHING can happen in your reality, unless it has been attracted in and created by YOU. No one else can create in your reality. That means that when you walk around town, coughing the virus on everyone you meet, only those that are a match to getting the virus will catch it. To the rest you are just nasty with your cough, but not contagious 🙂 If you do pass on the virus to anyone, that just means you are a tool for them to receive what they are already a match to. If you do not go outside, if no one can catch it from you, those people who are a match to it will just have to get it from someone else. You isolating yourself does not save anyone at all, it only saves you from being a tool for giving people what they have created in their reality.

If you do catch the virus, it is FOR you. It means you are a match to that experience. Maybe you need some down time? Maybe you need to rest? Or maybe you do not need this virus at all. Either way, whatever happens, happens because you have attracted it into your reality, and so you are a match to that experience. But you cannot “hurt” anyone without them being a vibrational match to that experience. And you cannot get hurt without also being a match to that experience. YOU are completely in control of your reality, and everything that happens in it, and so is everyone else in their reality. You could never make anyone sick unless they asked for that experience through their vibration, no matter the virus and no matter the disease.

The fear of being judged by others, for not being in fear like they are, is something you want to deal with. You don’t have to argue your case and deliberately cough on strangers, but there is also no need for you to worry about inflicting the virus on anyone else. You cannot control what they attract. If you feel uncomfortable with breaking the rules, then think about that – if you feel like others can control you, or that the society you live in can control how you behave. You might be aware of how you adapt to the rules of those living in fear, even if you don’t believe in those rules. You might become aware of how you limit your freedom, for fear of being judged by others. Realize that this is an area of potential, of potential for more freedom, for more joy when you can let go of the fear of what others think of you. You don’t need to do anything about that yet if you don’t feel safe to do so, but just be aware of the belief, and allow it to rest within your awareness until you feel ready to do something about it. Now that you know, you can allow inspiration to come to you, and maybe at some point the change will come naturally to you, and with ease.

Allow yourself to observe the fear in others, while appreciating the safe space you have create within yourself. Value that. Value what you have achieved. Value the peace you have created and the peace that you are able to hold on to, to stabilize within yourself, as the rest of the world feels fear. Notice the strength within you, and appreciate it. Appreciate you, and who you are, and how far you have come. You are a pillar of light, and the more fear there is around you, the brighter your light will shine.


Spiritual Guide

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