Do you know who you are?
Do you know who you truly are, deep within the layers of trying to fit in, trying to live up to societal expectations, and trying to be accepted? Do you know? I bet you don’t. 
We move through life trying to fit in, to be accepted and loved. We adopt a million rules for how to behave and what not to do. When to laugh. What not to say even though we think it. How to respond even though we don’t mean it. When to smile when we are unhappy. How to suppress the anger and frustration when we have to compromise. Over and over again we put others’ desires and needs before our own, for the sake of keeping peace. For the sake of receiving love. 
But did you know that true love can only be received when you are being your authentic self? 
If you are pretending to be someone you are not, adapting and changing yourself to be more loveable or socially acceptable, then the love you get will be love for the character you are impersonating. It won’t be aimed at you, but at your role. They love the person you are pretending to be, not who you really are. 
You are free to be yourself, your true self. And yet you probably aren’t being that you. Maybe you don’t know how to uncover that authentic self. Maybe you don’t know how to unpack all the layers of conditioning that has you playing a character. Maybe you don’t even know how to distinguish the layers of pretense from the layers of authenticity. Maybe you do know, but you are afraid of losing love, losing safety, losing money or status if you change. Maybe you believe the true you is so hideous and wrong that you can’t ever be that person. Maybe you long for the freedom of being you, maybe you dream of living your purpose, but you feel trapped by your current life and persona. Maybe you exist in freedom but experience life as a cage. Maybe you don’t feel free at all. 
How much do you want it? What are you willing to do to get it, to live a life in freedom, being who you are, doing what you dream of doing? What changes are you prepared to make, in order to create that life for yourself? What are you willing to risk, if the reward is freedom to be who you are, and freedom to do what you desire, and freedom to live the life of your dreams? 
What are you willing to do to get to be you? 

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