If you believe something is not fair, you are seeing yourself as a victim. If you believe someone else is not being treated fair, you see them as victims. What is in your reality is not what is “fair”, it is what YOU have attracted through your vibration. Is it fair that you receive what you ask for with your vibration? Is it fair that you as the Creator of your reality can create anything you like, even what you perceive as unwanted? What could be more fair than that? You have complete control over what comes to you, or what leaves you, so when you say something is not fair, you are saying that you are not the creator. Or you are saying you don’t like what you have created, and you feel it is wrong that you should receive what you have asked for. But you are the creator, even if you are not able to create what you believe you want or need. If you piss your pants, you might say it is unfair that you have to wear wet pants. Well, YOU pissed in your pants, so YOU made them wet. You can whine and moan about the unfairness of it, but there is nothing more fair than you having to live what you have created. That is the ultimate fairness from our perspective, that YOU get to live your creations.

The belief in, or the idea of fairness is like you say, at the fear end. You are correct! Fair is tied into the belief in victims, because unfair and fair means that there is something that can happen to you that is NOT your creation. You are either the creator, or the victim. If you need to use concepts like “fair” or “unfair”, then you are trying to justify your creations through something outside of you. You try to use the concept of fair to explain why exactly YOU won the lottery, as if you can’t simply accept that you created it. Fairness is based in lack, because for something to be fair or unfair, it means there is a belief in lack, and that the distribution of something must be “fair”. You rarely hear someone talk about how unfair it is that there neighbor gets to breathe so much oxygen. You can often hear people taking about the unfairness in how much money someone else has, and how little they themselves have. If you believe there is a lack of money, you will feel the need to justify WHY you receive any or a lot of it, as if you were not simply worthy of anything you want because you want it. You create reasons for why it is “fair” that you get what you get, creating justification to why you are worthy of good things. You also create reasons for why it is unfair when you experience pain or struggles, and why it is unfair when others experience good things. You are placing the power of the creator outside of yourself, and you are placing your worthiness and your value outside of YOU. You put the value on what you can DO, rather than how you are worth it just because you exist. Or you refuse to accept responsibility for your own creations by saying it is NOT fear that you get to live what you created.

Balance and harmony is based in your free will as the Creator, and your inherent worthiness. You get to choose what you want to experience, including pain and suffering, and feeling like a victim. That is all within your power. The balance is that you also seek to explore the other side of the coin, you instinctively as a soul seek to explore all and every angle, what you might call karma. Harmony is the Oneness, where every part of creation is in union and unity with all other parts, where everything YOU do is going to be felt in all other parts, and where every change in your vibration also changes the collective and the vibration of all that is. The totality of the One, the Source energy that you are also part of, is always in harmony, because there is no wrong. All feelings, experiences, desires are all right and perfect, and there is always harmony in the “individual part” and in between the parts of the One. There is harmony in the micro, AND the macro, because there is no such thing as the opposite of harmony. There are countless expressions of Source energy, and none are wrong. Darkness allows light to be seen. Cold helps the expression of warmth. Fear gives clarity to the understanding of love. And love lets you experience fear, so that you can be more. The individual experiences as YOU helps you understand what Source is. And Source delights in their experience as YOU because it is “opposite” but also included in the One experience.

Harmony and balance is the result and the vibration of both the part and the Oneness, where all “opposites” are also the same. Cold and hot are two nuances of the measurement of temperature. They are not separate, just different nuances. Fear and love are nuances of feelings and energies, but all are Source energy. You are one part of the experience as Source, and that experience is in full harmony and balance with the greater experience as Source. You are included in the experience of Oneness, yet often the feeling of being a separate individual is expressed. The Individual could not be experienced without the Oneness, and the cold could not be experienced without heat. The individual is only possible as an experience within Oneness, and Oneness is only fully experienced with individuality. They are complementary and in full harmony and balance, and the seemingly opposite experiences are what allows for the full and complete understanding. The harmony is not in being equal, but in complementing. And the balance is always there because the cold can only truly be felt through heat or lack of heat. What is darkness? Lack of light. What is light? Lack of darkness. What is cold? Lack of heat. What is heat? Lack of cold. You see?

They are complementary, and as a whole they create harmony and balance in the One. Just like you create harmony and balance in the One, as you are both the part and the complete Oneness.


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