Living from the heart is mostly about always choosing love. Always choosing your intuition. It’s not going to be an experience where there’s no fear, because there’s always going to be some fear involved unless you’re inspired to buy milk or bread or something more routine like.

To allow your heart to lead, you would listen more to your gut feeling, and do things when you receive inspiration. The reason why you don’t currently do it is because you figure out it’s illogical, it’s not reasonable. You come up with these ideas why it’s not logically, or a good choice. Then you have to ask yourself, “Why am I having this inspiration? If it’s not reasonable, if it’s not a logical choice, where is this coming from?”. If it’s not reasonable or logical, it’s not coming from your mind because that’s sort of the seed of logic. So it must be coming from another place, and the heart is the only other portal. If it’s coming from the heart and it’s not logical, it’s not reasonable, you don’t see how this is going to work out, then that is because it’s something that is above your current perspective. It’s above your current vibration because it’s coming through the heart.

The heart, as you know, is the seat of the soul, in direct contact with the soul, the part of you that you sometimes cannot hear through the mind. So when it’s coming from the heart, it is direct communication from the soul. And the soul has a higher perspective. The soul can guide you through the pathways that seem illogical or unreasonable. The mind is too stupid to see how this is the better choice, because the mind is limited. The heart is open and unlimited, because it is the expression of the soul and it is operating on a higher consciousness, a higher vibrational level. So any choice that you make from the heart space, this when you have this desire, the inspiration, the calling, the need, the knowing that seems illogical or unreasonable, that is coming from the heart space, from the soul. It’s coming from a higher consciousness. And that higher consciousness is smarter and wiser, and knows more and can see further than you can.

Following your your heart, or your calling, however you want to label it, doesn’t necessarily mean that you always see the love in any situation. You still have that veil of illusion. You still have fears and limiting beliefs. But once you get into the practice of following your heart and most of all trusting your heart, once you can do that, you create this sense of inner safety because you know that whatever you’re experiencing is in alignment with your highest good. It is in alignment with what the soul wants you to experience. Whatever you’re experiencing, you may struggle with it, but at least you trust yourself as you experience this. And that creates the sense of safety and peace. Even though the experience in itself is scary or uncomfortable, you still carry with you this inner trust, inner peace. You have a sense of safety in knowing that you are exactly where you should be, where you need to be, that this is going to benefit you. This is leading you where you want to go. And this is exactly what you need to experience right now. Living from the heart allows you to experience your life with more ease and less stress.

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