Transcript from Laurel Group Channeling Session:

Tina: What is our purpose?

LAUREL: Where you are going is into expansion. where you are going in this life is into ascension. That is the main purpose, that is your main goal. That is the reason why you are here. You are all expanding and ascending in different ways. Through different choices, through different purposes. So you each have your goal. You are all joined in this one big purpose. That is expansion, and expansion through ascension in this life. But you all have different paths and different journeys. And on these parts and journeys there are things that are different to each of you. Of how you wish to explore these these paths.

Some of you wish to explore it through love relationships, and some of you wish to explore it through the work that you do. For instance channeling. Some of you wish to explore it through deeper connections to animals. Some of you wish to explore it through connecting with others through sex. That is part of the journey right now. It is all attached to purposes that you have, or passions that you have explored in previous lives. Because of your previous experience and explorations, you are intrigued into exploring certain sides or nuances to this one particular particular passion. You might want to explore worthiness in connection to relationships, romantic relationships, or you might wish to explore worthiness in connection to money, or abundance. Or you might wish to explore abundance when it comes to lack, and then explore it in the opposite of lack, to have a lot of it. And so there are so many ways that you can explore this same passion, or the same subject. And there are so many subjects or passions that you can explore. And all of you have very different nuances of very different. passions or subjects that you are exploring. And you have many passions and subjects that you are exploring through your life, from being a baby to a little child to a teenager, to a young adult, to an adult in the middle of your lives. Through each passing, through each life, through each part of your life you’re exploring different passions, from different angles or different nuances of this particular passion. And this passion has been explored through many lifetimes and it’s always from a slightly different angle with different nuances. As you age, as you expand and as you experience traumas, you gain a different perspective on all of these passions and nuances.

So you have all very different passions and purposes, but you all experience in your life. You all at some point experience both worthiness and unworthiness. You experience lack and abundance. You experience self-love and self-doubt. You experience relationships and the loss of relationships. You experience loneliness and you experience what it is to be a part of a group. You experience love and hate, or fear. You experience pain and pleasure, you experience so many aspects of being human, and at one point you will also experience an aspect of not being human while being human. Being more than a human in the human body. So the Ascension and the expansion through and before the ascension process, is a big purpose in your lives.

But you are all experiencing it from very different perspectives and in very different. From very different perspectives and in very different perceptions. And so the Ascension and the expansion process within, the Ascension is experienced from a million different nuances from all of you. And that is also a part of the excitement of source through this exact this specific ascension seen through all these different eyes.

Tina: Can you explain the Ascension, for me, a little bit more?

LAUREL: The ascension for you is like for so many other people, about moving from unworthiness to worthiness. It’s about accepting who you are, so that you can move towards seeing who you really are. That path will have to go through accepting parts of you that you believe are bad or wrong. Once you move through those perspectives that you are bad and wrong, and you find that you can still accept and love yourself, you will gain a different perspective that allows you to see how these parts are not bad, but actually very very good. They are not unwanted, they are wanted. So you see the potential goes from being unwanted, and then as you change your perspective, you see that these traits within you are wanted. They are a part of what you want to be because they’re beneficial to you. They’re both beneficial to those around you and you. They’re beneficial to the ascension process, and as you expand into more and more love, into loving yourself more and more, more and more love for yourself, you will also begin to feel more at one.


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