Q: We often hear the importance of love and acceptance.  Some spiritual leaders say that love simply means acceptance….like you don’t love your post person…you accept them.  So why the two terms then?  In your opinions what is the difference between love and acceptance and when do we use “Love” and when do we use “acceptance.”


Love is all that is, so all energy is love energy. That includes acceptance, just like it includes hate. Every energy, every feeling is part of love. It is a scale of emotions that runs through your body in order for you to experience yourself in yet a new way. No emotion will ever feel the same, because you change in every experience. As you change, the one who feels the feelings will be different, and so the experience of the feeling is also different. Every feeling you experience is unique, just like every moment in your life is unique. 

The nuance of acceptance is more neutral and peaceful than love is. Love is also peace, but for most humans love is experienced as a more forceful emotion than acceptance is. Acceptance is closer to neutrality on the scale, and it holds a wider range of potential within it. 

When you love someone or something you create expectations. You attach yourself in someway to an outcome, to have love reciprocated or to enjoy the thing you love. With acceptance there is more of an open attitude. You don’t have so much attachment, but more detachment. You accept something, but you don’t need it or deeply desire it. Acceptance therefore holds the door open for a wider range of potential, as you are not limiting yourself with your expectations to the outcome. This is way acceptance and neutrality is such key in manifestation. To accept that you might not get what you desire, creates detachment that allows the Universe to quickly provide you with the manifestation. When you desire something you love, you often long for it and feel attached to the fact that it is not there. You keep wanting it, and in this way slow down the process of manifestation. If you can get to a stance of acceptance, of accepting what is, that it is not yet there, that it might not come, you will detach from the need of it, and allow in the potential that was previously blocked by your strong attachment through love, and you allow it to manifest with ease.

In relationships love creates a powerful bond of connection. Love is the force that binds you to others. This love can even produce new life. Love keeps you in a state of acceptance of those parts of others that you don’t necessarily enjoy. Love heals your wounds after a fight. Love keeps you together even when you don’t like the person in the moment. Love is the feeling that creates relationships.

Acceptance is the feeling that can heal the relationships with people you don’t like. People that teach you through their triggering and their contrast to what you believe is good and right. Acceptance is how you allow everyone to be who they are, without needing them to change. Sometimes acceptance leads to love, and sometimes it will stay just acceptance.

In the quest for self love, acceptance is the first step. If you don’t like who you are, to love yourself can be too big of a leap. Aim for acceptance. Aim for accepting yourself, with all your perceived flaws, and from there you will discover your love. As you accept all parts, including the traits you see as wrong, you discover that those traits are your superpowers. Acceptance of what is will change your perspective into perceiving yourself through eyes of love. Acceptance opens the door to explore who you are, and in this process of exploration you come to love yourself. This love was always there, but your perception was limited by fear. Acceptance of what is led you to change your perspective, and it led you to love. Once you love yourself your perception of yourself and all else will be colored by this nuance of emotion. Love will make the conditions feel better to you, and this feeling will create new conditions to match that. But this journey begins with acceptance. Accept what is, and you will be guided to love. Accept what is not, and you will be guided to love. Accept who you are, and all that you perceive yourself to not be, and you will be guided to love. Once you align with love you are aligned with the one, true force of all that is, and your perception will be clear. Love is clarity. Love is power. Love is you.



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