What does “being completely honest” mean? What is truth?

Honesty, for yourself, is to say and do what feels true to you. If you feel sad, to express that, or not try to hide it behind a smile, is honest. To be honest, is to live what feels true for you, to live in alignment with your beliefs and values. If you believe you are a horrible person, and tell people this, then you are honest. You are honestly sharing your perspective. The next day, if you believe you are wonderful, and you tell people this, you are honestly sharing your perspective. Honest simply means to speak what you believe and feel is truth, and to act in alignment with your truth.

Everyone is living in their own reality, uniquely interpreted through their unique and individual perspective. When someone seems a painting and judges it as ugly, they are being honest. Another person sees the same and judges it as beautiful, and they are also honest. Their perspectives may differ, but they are both speaking what is true for them. Honesty is just sharing your perspective. That perspective might change in the next second, and then something else will be true for you.

The fact that Law of Attraction is real, is truth. It is a Universal truth. It works even if you don’t believe in it. But, if you don’t believe in it, in your reality this law is perceived as luck, coincidence, karma, or just the way things are. So again, in this specific reality, LOA does not exist to them, even though the forces of LOA are at work. Truth is also perception, based in how you label and define things. You are, we are all, love energy. But if you define love as only romantic love, then this definition is not the whole truth. You are much more than romantic love.

Any definition will always be a question of individual perspectives. You can collectively agree on a definition, but there will still be individual perceptions of this definition. Traditionally honesty and truth as it has been used in human definitions, has been about morals, about control. Ways of controlling people’s behavior, through fear, through the creation of one set of moral codes that separate the wrongs from the rights. “Do this, and you are right and worthy. Do that and you are wrong and unworthy. If you do not speak the truth as we decide it is defined, you are wrong. We are allowed to hurt you. We define what is truth, and you need to live by that definition or you are bad.”

If you believe that there is no right and no wrong, how do you define truth from lie? Honesty from dishonesty? And what does it mean to not tell the truth if there is no wrong? When truth and honesty is all about perspective, and about being true to yourself, how can this be judged by anyone outside of you? If truth is about being in alignment with your beliefs, how can anyone define your truth but you? If you know what you believe in, but are afraid of dying if you speak it, does that make you dishonest when you keep quiet?

Being completely honest is also an individual interpretation. Does it mean you have to know it all before you can speak about it? Are you dishonest if you say something you believe, but not know if it is true? All you can do is to choose to see your beliefs as truth, or not truth. Either label is meaningless as you can change your beliefs at any time. Is your truth beneficial to you? Does your truth make you feel good, or bad? When this reality is designed to reflect your beliefs, would it not be more beneficial to believe you are God, than to believe you are unworthy? Does it matter if it is truth or not? How can you know it is truth, and separate that from a belief? Your experiences are colored by your perception, and your perception influenced by your beliefs, also called your truth. How true then are your experiences? How honest are you when you share your truth, if your truth is just your perspective?

Why do you need to know if it is truth or a belief? To make sure you are not wrong, or to prove others wrong? But when there is no wrong, how could that ever matter?

Your truth is what you believe in. You get to choose that, and it can change anytime. The truth is only one thing: Source energy. The energy that exists in all, is all, creates all. That is the only truth. All else is illusions, created for the fun of it, for the joy of expression, experience and expansion.

That is our honest perspective, in all truth.


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