My sister keeps criticizing everything I say and do! How do I deal with her?

Part II:

Why do you not respect yourself? What is so wrong in you that you do not deserve to see yourself as good enough? What is so horrible in you that you do not deserve your own complete acceptance and love? Could it be that there is nothing wrong? Could it be that you are simply refusing to accept your own perfection? Could it be that the Universe is currently helping you to see all the ways you need to love yourself more? You cannot accept only parts of someone and reject other parts. You must love and accept the whole. You cannot refuse any part, and say only some parts are worthy of love. You are not of a vibration yet that allows you to see the whole picture. You do not have the high perspective that allows you to see just why it is necessary that you are exactly as you are. For you are perfect. The flaw is in your perception. The flaw is in your insistence that you must know WHY you have to be this way before you can let yourself be loved. You are insisting that you know better. You are insisting that surely this part of you must be wrong, and needs to change. You are refusing to recognize, respect and take pride in all your parts. Some parts are kept hidden in shame, and that is not respect. You need to own all of you. You need to allow yourself to be all parts of you. You need to let go of the controlling and the refusal to accept. You cannot possibly see the bigger picture in this, and your need to know why you are like you are, this need for control, is blocking you from being all that you truly are.

You are meant to be this way. You are meant to be all that you are. There was no error in your creation. But you cannot see your perfection until you first accept all of which you are. You are trying to go about it the wrong way, demanding to know why you are perfect before you love those parts. This is an impossible quest. First you must love and accept, and THEN you will be able to perceive. You must give before you can receive, and in this instance you must give your love and acceptance to yourself before you will be able to raise your perspective enough to see why this trait in you is so perfect.

Once you love and accept who you are, your vibration will rise as a result of the fear that you have let go of. This void will be filled with love, and your vibration rises and gives you a higher perspective of yourself, of your reality and of who you really are. This higher perspective will bring clarity, and understanding. From this higher perspective you will be able to see clearly WHY you are this way, and it will help you understand and enforce why you are so perfect the way you are. From this higher perspective self love becomes easier and more effortless. From this higher perspective you will not be bothered by teasing from others, and after a short while it will dissipate. But you must give to yourself first. You must accept who you are in all and every way. The inner change must always come before the outer change in conditions. Acceptance is key, and acceptance is an inner change. Change how you feel about yourself, and the outer world will change to match this new self acceptance. All change begins within.



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