Here is an opportunity to forgive the part of you that judges others. Because you do. It is also a way for you to forgive who you used to be. There is no need to be ashamed of who you used to be and how you used to see your reality, for she has brought you to this point. 

You have a new set of rules for yourself, to be accepting and loving of all that happens, to never feel bad or react in the way you judge as wrong, and you use those same rules for others. You have a new definition for what is right and wrong, and you expect and demand of yourself to behave perfectly in accordance with these new rules. When you see others not being able to behave perfectly in accordance with these rules you react with outrage. They are not being who they should be! They are not following the new rules!

Guess what this is reflecting? Your own rules and how you see yourself failing to be the perfect human. Instead of acceptance you have created new rules. Rules make you feel safe. If you don’t have rules, how can you know if you are doing it right? If you don’t have rules, how can you know you are being good? If you don’t know if you are doing it right and being good, how can you know if you are good enough?

The point of this new approach is more freedom. To let go of the rules. To understand that there are no rules, because there is no possibility for doing wrong. To know that no matter what you do and who you are, you are good enough. There is no wrong behavior, there are no rules to break, and you do not have to try to be different than you are. You are not wrong, and you never were. You cannot be wrong. You cannot not be good enough. You always were good enough. You still are. But you must stop judging yourself. You must accept yourself when you react and when you have negative feelings. Negative feelings are not a manifestation to show you that you are wrong. It is a reflection of what you can change to feel better, to have more freedom, to be more of YOU and less of who you thought you should be. 

Rules make you feel safe, but rules also make you feel bad. Rules are a way of controlling yourself and your environment. If you do what you are supposed to do, follow the rules, you don’t have to feel bad. So you believe. When you follow the rules and someone in your environment does not, it frightens you. They are not doing what you have decided they should do, they are not following YOUR rules for behavior! You feel out of control. You get mad because here you are doing all the right things, following the rules and trying so hard not to feel bad – and suddenly here she is breaking your rules! You feel out of control again despite doing everything right. Fear comes up.

You keep trying to live up to the rules so you can allow yourself to believe you are good enough. But don’t you see? You were always good enough. The belief that you can be anything else is an illusion. All those years with your strict rules and trying to live up to the image you have of who you need to be to be good – all those years you were good enough. You are always good enough. You are always magnificent and perfect. It is impossible for you to be less than perfection and glory. You are God. You are God. You cannot be less. 

You cannot be less. You can never be less than perfection. what you do or who you try to be does not matter. You are always and in every way perfection. when you judge others and yourself, you are perfection and glory. When you feel negative emotions you are perfection and magnificence. The rules are only a hindrance on your way to acceptance of who you are. The more rules you create the more ways you create to disqualify yourself. By creating rules you create a possibility for not living up to this rule. And in order for you to become aware of the rule, you must create a manifestation event for yourself where you break that rule. But with your rules for who you believe you need to be, when you break a rule you believe it means you failed. Instead of seeing that the rule needs to go so you can be free, you see the manifestation event as proof that you are still not doing this right. That you are still not good enough. All of that is an illusion. You are good enough. You are doing it right. You just need to let go of the rules. Let go of the need to control yourself so you can know you are doing it right. Make the leap. Trust yourself to do this. Trust yourself that you are good. Trust yourself to not need rules to keep you in order. Trust yourself to not need rules to limit who you are. Choose to believe that you are good, and that the rules are just limitations. You don’t need limitations. Let lose the real you, without fear. You are good enough.


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