This is your purpose. You are living it. Yes, there are many, many more steps to make, and many more and different tasks, but it all starts somewhere. How do you expect to get to that place you now dream of? You need to make the journey. You need to climb the steps. On this part of your journey you will learn what you need for your next steps. As you climb this part, you will discover traits and abilities that you are needing for the next part of your journey. And you will enjoy this part, if you can stop trying to get to that place ahead of you, and instead see the magic that is unfolding right here and now. This is the real stuff. You are not fake living. You will not do the same one thing for the rest of your life. As you expand through doing this one thing, you will find the next step as a natural and easy extension of your task. You will continue because it seems like a given next step. Then you do that for a while, and the next step unfolds before you, naturally and with ease, and you have confidence that you can do it because the previous steps have trained you for this one. Do you see how a chain is depending on what you did before? You cannot skip one link and expect the chain to carry you. You need to join all the links so you become the perfect energy for that next part.

The only difference that will occur in your future, is not that it will be more exciting because it is more valuable or important work – it will be more exciting because you have less fear, and so you allow yourself to enjoy every step, and to be curious about the unfoldment of it. Rather than trying to push away what is happening now, or to impatiently try to run ahead to the “important and real” stuff, why don’t you enjoy this new level you have shifted into? What feels different now? How can you explore who you are now? Because you have changed, but if you are too busy to take note of those changes, you will not be able to fully utilize that new energy within you. Be curious! Be curious of what has happened within you. Be curious of what you can now do, and how you do it. Be curious of what attracts you and interests you, compared to before. Be curious of what frightens you, and be curious about what no longer frightens you. You will see that on some areas the fear has simply dissolved. Even though you logically remember that this seemed scary, you will no longer feel that fear. Explore that! Allow yourself to dream new dreams, to create new desires.

Where you are now, is where you dreamed of being just a short while ago. Are you not going to enjoy and explore that? Because if that is how you choose to explore, simply rushing forward while ignoring the new now, then your future will feel just as empty as you feel this moment is now. If you don’t fill it with your presence and appreciation, you will never reach a point of satisfaction. The satisfaction is something that you create within yourself, recognizing your own growth and expansion.

If you were told what step 100 is, you would not like it. It would not sound like fun to you. You would feel too much fear, because you have not been shaped and changed by steps 2-99. If we said “yes your purpose is to be a world famous ballet dancer”, you would not be thrilled. You would worry about your body, your age, your kids while you tour, your dog while you tour, your looks, the press waiting outside, and so many other things. You would oppose the role and the mission, and you would refuse to do it. Because yes, that is how crazy that purpose would look to you now. So there is no use in trying to discover it. You will find out when you are ready and you will love it. You will be excited and thrilled, and it will be perfect for you at that time and place. Which is not now.

Dear One, can you please stop worrying about who you will become, and focus more on who you are being right now? Who are you? What do you want? What sounds exciting now? What do you like? What is scary but also pulls you to it? What do you feel?


Spiritual Guide


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