Let’s say I have five ideas to do something. I look into one, and it starts to look less interesting. I know that this is a good chance that it is fear, but there is also a chance that as I’m gathering information about it, the inspiration naturally lessens – possibly leaving the door open to try one of the other ideas. What is a good process to know if the reason why I’m losing interest in pursuing an idea is fear or a true lack of inspiration (which may be inspiration to pursue another idea)?

You can never fully know what an idea would have turned into unless you test it out and follow through on your inspiration. The idea would evolve and expand in alignment with your vibration. As you vibration is constantly changing from moment to moment, so would the manifestation of your idea. If you acted on the inspiration today, the completion of that idea would be different from the manifestation of it if you acted on the same inspiration tomorrow. The results would be in alignment with your current vibration, so even if you did the same thing two weeks apart, those two results would differ as your vibration differs. Because of that you can never know what would have, or will happen, as your vibration in the future is still unknown. There is also added to that the fact that your vibration would be changed from working on the idea, which would change both your own vibration and the vibration of the manifestation of the idea. This is one reason why regretting a choice in your past does not make any sense. It is impossible to say how the other choice would have turned out, because the vibration you would have had if you followed the other path is completely unknown. That vibration is still pure and un-manifested potential.

When following any idea or inspiration you are bound to meet your own fear. There is literally no situation as a human where you do not deal with fear. The fear can be large or small, but it is always there. Especially when following inspiration to act in a new way. In a situation where you have several choices you would be wise to follow the one that seems the most exciting. The one that thrills you the most is probably also the one that seems to trigger the most fear in you. Many people shy away from those big opportunities of expansion because of this huge amount of fear they see in the potential, and instead they go for option number 2 or 3, because it feels safer.

The reality is that you cannot possibly know if 2 or 3 is actually safer or will be easier. You are not currently of the vibration where you can live out those 2 options, and so when you guess what will happen you are guessing from a limited perspective. You are guessing from the vibration that you are holding in this moment, and in this moment you are not a vibrational match to the manifestation of your idea. This means that you are not vibrationally able or expanded enough to correctly imagine what the manifestation will be like. When you choose option 2 because it triggers less fear in you, that could very well be a miscalculation. You might find that option 2 trigger a lot of fear in you, but you were not able to see that from your limited perspective. In this way it is useless to try to pick the option which scares you the least, because you are not qualified to judge the potential outcome or journey of any idea.

Always go with the option that lights you up the most. Go with the option you think is the wildest and craziest one. Go with the option that seems over the top. The whole point of inspiration is to move you to a new place, a new vibration. If you aim for the stars at least you will go higher than you are today. If you aim for the end of your driveway you might not even make it out of your house. If it doesn’t excite you, but feels safe, the chances are you will not even bother doing it. If it doesn’t seem big to you, why bother doing it at all?

If one idea leads to another that is great. But you still have to start somewhere. Can you find your way to any step one for either idea? If you can only find one step, to the one idea, then obviously this idea is the idea you are vibrationally ready to act on. Down the road there might be a turn on your path so you can move closer to idea 2, but for now making the step that you can make is a good start. It is also important to remember that thoughts and ideas can be a ladder to more exciting ideas. Sometimes you don’t necessarily have to act on the idea, you just need to open yourself up to the possibility. Thinking about this idea, this possibility will then bring you to the next idea, and this idea is the one that finally leads to you your step one. The first idea was never really an option for you, but it got you to thinking about the next idea which then led to this step one. Inspiration is not only the desire to act, it can also be a line of thought that leads to new inspiration.

Aim high. Stretch yourself. Go for the wild ideas. See the fear as an illusion, and go for it anyway. Realize that you will meet fear in all areas and on all paths. There will never be a choice to make where one option holds no fear. Even doing nothing is fearful because then you worry about missing out on something. So ignore the fear when you decide what you want to go for, and go for the inspiration that lights the fire in you. Then deal with the fear, once you have the motivation and the desire to light you up. Always go for the light. 



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