Excerpt from our online course SOUL EMBODIED (linked)

Being authentic is a game changer in your ascension journey.

Before you came into this life, you designed yourself for a specific life purpose. Everything about you, about who you are, is on purpose. There is no flaw in your design. Everything about you is perfect, is intended, is needed. The parts you resist and see as wrong, are also perfect. Many of the traits you use to define you, are not a part of you at all, they are simply expressions of fear within you. One thing is for sure: you are not who you think you are. You are so much more. The parts that you see as wrong, are perfect, but your insistence that they are wrong are keeping their perfection from your perception. Change your perception of self, and your perfection and magnificence will reveal itself to you. All you need to do is to let go of the fear that hides this magnificence from you, and your true essence will be known to you. You will remember, and once again fall in love with you, with the love that is you.

Being authentic, being who you are, includes allowing yourself to be seen. To let others see you, exactly the way you are, without trying to hide, without putting on a mask. It means to speak your truth, to let others see you and hear you, without pretending to be who you are not. All beings desire to be seen, because to be seen validates your existence. When you are seen, there is an acceptance in that act, even when others don’t approve of you. To at least be noticed, is to be validated in a sense, it is to have the outside acknowledge that you are worthy of being, of existing. When you are seen and appreciated, you experience a sense of oneness, a sense of belonging. You experience yourself as a part of the whole, and this reminds you once again of your inherent value as Source. The part cannot be separated from the whole, or it would no longer be a part of this whole. You are that very part, and because there is no separation, you are also the whole. You are the love that gives energy to all that exists, and you are the parts of this whole existing as the experience of an individual Soul, an individual Human Being. You are love expressed.

In every moment you choose how to express that love, how to express yourself. In every moment you experience something, and that experience changes you. Some experiences create deep and sudden change, others create more subtle and slow changes. But you are always changing, and your expression of who you are will change too. The human fear of change makes these changes more challenging, as your fear of the unknown makes you seek out the illusion of safety in staying the same. You dislike change in yourself and in others, because this change challenges your illusion of security in keeping the conditions the same at all times. Because you don’t trust yourself and your inner power, you place your trust on the outside conditions, and you need the outside conditions to be just so in order for you to feel good. You spend so much energy on trying to manipulate the outside conditions, when in fact these conditions cannot stay the same, as they are at all times reflecting YOU, and you are always, always changing.

– Excerpt from our online course SOUL EMBODIED


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