Question about health and disease:

So we are creators…say we want to have good health.   Joe wants to know if everything is predetermined?  For example he is dealing with injuries that he has gotten from physical labor his whole life.  Is he to just accept that and work at finding ways to alleviate them?  If we are creators why is it that we have to accept what is happening when we really want something else?
We feel that now that we are writing this that the key is staying in alignment which would lead to inspiration which will lead you to something or someone which may be of help to alleviate/heal the injury.  But what if the injury still remains?  How is it meant for us?  It’s very confusing.  We’ve been led to believe that without work and effort nothing is accomplished.  How are we to let go of this approach?  

Laurel’s answer:

Most diseases are not predetermined. If you are born with a disease this is a part of the experiences you decided upon before coming to Earth this time. For most of you this is not the case. Most of you are born with perfect health. Most of you with pain or dis-ease attract this through ignoring your emotional pain, through accepting your limiting beliefs as truth, through lack of self love, through judgement of yourself and others, through believing pain is a part of life, and through seeing others in your family in pain and thus believing you need to experience the same. 

When you believe in something that is part of the illusion, something that is not aligned with you being pure love, being source energy, you create dis-ease in your body. Your body is a part of the tools you have to find your way in this world, and the body helps signal to you when you go off track. If you choose to believe you are bad or wrong, because of a trait in you that you judge as wrong, after a while your body will alert you to this through physical pain.

Before this you will feel emotional pain, and several manifestation events created to help you change this belief. To change a belief you must become aware of it, and the events you deal with daily are here to show you what beliefs you are currently identifying with. Some beliefs are good, and most are limiting. Some of these limiting beliefs are currently stopping you from creating what you desire. After you have ignored the signs from your emotional feedback, and the signs in the manifestation events, the body is next in turn. When you feel emotional pain this is often a physical sensation. You might feel it in your tummy or your chest. Heart and solar plexus is where many emotions are felt. After a while this continued pressure that you create internally through not releasing your negative emotions, will build up as a physical ailment. It could be a stiff neck, heart damage, lung cancer, or any other pain all depending on the severity of your refusal of acceptance. The longer and more intensely you refuse to deal with your emotions, the larger the signs from the body becomes. The pain creates actual dis-ease within the body, due to the darkness or density of your negative emotions and limiting beliefs. The pain and disease is a clear sign you need to deal with your beliefs and your emotional well being. The pain and disease is there to help you because you have not dealt with this emotional pain before, and you need to do it sooner rather than later if you wish your life to change for the better.

The body is a tool in your exploration as a human being. The body is here to help you become who you really are. Blaming the body for the disease is counterproductive. You are the one creating the disease, the body is just making you aware of your perceived limitations and problems. 

The way to alleviate and let go of the physical pain is through doing the inner work. Become aware of your thoughts and beliefs. Become aware of your judgments of yourself and others. Become aware of how you see yourself and the reality around you. Awareness is key. Once you are aware you can change your perception and beliefs to a perspective aligned with love instead of fear. You can feel for the perspective that feels like relief, and then work your way up to peace and joy. But you must do the inner work. Use doctors and pain medication as you need to, but know that this pain or disease will not go away until you do the inner work. You are co-creating with your body so that you can be who you really are, and you need the cooperation of your body to become aware of your limiting beliefs. The physical body is your partner. 

If the injury still remains when you have cleared all your limiting beliefs, and let go of all your judgement, and completely live as the ascended being that is you as Source on Earth, well then you are the first one ever to have existed to experience this. The Universe will have broken all laws to experience the wonder of being pure love while still holding on to fear. Trust us when we say this is not possible. This is a problem you do not need to worry about. Use your mental capacity to deal with your limiting beliefs instead. There is plenty of them. And you have the rest of your life to clear them out. As long as there is negative emotion there is fear and limiting beliefs. As long as there is pain and disease there is a negative emotion. You don’t even have to find the right belief, just start at one end and work on it. You will touch upon the “right” belief soon enough.

It is meant for you because it is a guiding tool to help you discover your limiting beliefs and the irrational fear you are holding on to. It is meant for you because it helps you focus inwards and look for how you can set yourself free from those beliefs that are not aligned with love. The body is not your enemy, it is your partner and friend, and it is trying to help you become aware of what you are thinking that is not helpful to you. What you need to accept is how this system works. You need to accept that the body is here to help you. You need to accept that you have a false perception of yourself and how the world works. You need to accept that you have some work to do in order to become aware of all this, and then to work on changing your beliefs. You need to accept that you cannot wish you pain away, you need to do the actual work. Pain is not a punishment, it is a helpful tool for you to become aware of what within you is not aligned with love.

You are to let go of this approach through conscious choice. You are to do the inner work and use the focus and the mental capacity, and your emotions to change how you perceive yourself. You are to let go of the old approach through learning the new approach, and making a conscious effort to change. This is not something you buy and receive as a complete package. This is the IKEA package of life. You need to read the instructions and do the work on putting all the pieces together. And sure you will have moments of anger when there are not enough nails or screws, and when one piece doesn’t fit another and you have to do it all over again. But this is what you signed up for. And the sooner you accept the IKEA way of living, the sooner you can change. This is your responsibility, no one else can do this for you. You are the creators of your lives, and you are the ones having to make this happen. You have a choice. Decide what you want and start building.



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