If you do procrastinate, it is because you have fear. When you receive inspiration, an idea about something you want to do, that is almost always something that triggers fear in you. Why? Because at a soul level you desire to expand into more love and less fear. As a soul, in order to trick the human you to let go of fear, you send the human you an idea for something that you desire to do, but the doing of that thing involves you pushing through fear. You create the desire of buying a new car, because if you want a new car you would have to ask for a raise at work, and asking for a raise would make you feel uncomfortable because you don’t feel worthy of more money. Your limiting belief here in this example is that you don’t feel worthy of more in life in general, and so you attract the idea of buying a new car because this would force you to push past your fear and dare to see yourself as worthy of more than you already have. But if you give in to the fear, if you are too afraid of being rejected, or if you just don’t think you could ever possibly get what you desire, you will just avoid asking for a raise, or tell yourself to do it tomorrow. And tomorrow. And tomorrow. You procrastinate because you don’t want to deal with your fear, and so the negative emotion will grow and intensify because every time you avoid dealing with it you are actually feeding it. You start to fear the feeling of fear, and soon you just avoid doing anything that triggers fear in you.

You procrastinate because you don’t want to feel negative emotion, and this leads you to a lack of trust in yourself. You doubt yourself because due to procrastination you have empirical proof of letting yourself down, of not being able to trust yourself. You start judging yourself as lazy because you are so angry at yourself for not being able to do what you promised you would do. The procrastination (avoiding dealing with your fear, and avoiding pushing past fear) leads to loss of self respect, and you judge yourself as wrong for not doing what you said you should do. The self judgment then creates more doubt in your own abilities, and of course when you doubt yourself this much you are not supporting yourself in trying to push past fear. It becomes a harmful circle of hurting yourself, where fear fuels fear. And guess what? The only way to move out of this circle is to take one step at a time, to push through your fear and do something uncomfortable. Even if you feel like avoiding it, even if you want to procrastinate, even if it scares you. No one else can do it for you, and you can either choose to keep feeding your fear and procrastinate, or you can just jump in and challenge yourself and do it. Just do it. And then you have to be supportive of yourself after the event: be proud for doing it, and focus on the fact that you did it makes you a success. It is not the result of the act, or how well you did it that matters, it is the fact that you did it at all! You pushed past fear! And the more you do this, the easier it gets, because you build confidence in your own ability to push past fear. But you have to be the one to take the first step, you have to start somewhere.

Procrastination as a pattern is simply the result of being overwhelmed by fear. Many people who are highly sensitive, and do not know how to process fear, or what fear means, are overwhelmed by fear. But fear is just a signal, just a signal from your soul to pay attention. Your soul is telling you to pay attention, that in this situation that you fear there is potential for freedom and expansion. When you feel fear it means you have triggered a limiting belief. The fear is signaling to you that you need to dig deep and change that belief, in order to feel better and experience a more fun outside reality. The fear is not wrong or bad, it is just a signaling system! Use the feeling of fear as the signal it is designed to be, and don’t be afraid of the messenger. The messenger is simply alerting you to more freedom, more abundance, more of what you desire. All you have to do is to move towards that thing you fear, and change your beliefs around it. YOU have the power in this!


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