When you are experiencing a manifestation event, this triggers fear in you. It triggers fear because you have limiting beliefs. These events happen because your reality is designed to reflect your beliefs, and so when something happens that triggers your limiting beliefs/fear, it is a circumstance that triggers the same feelings you first had when you created those beliefs. If you experienced a lot of big and small events as a child, that led you to believe you were unworthy, when you now have manifestation events that make you feel unworthy, you trigger those same emotions you felt as a child. You pick the same wound. Why? So that you can change the beliefs that are causing you pain. This is why you feel pain in the first place: so that you can change. So that you can let go of what limits you, and become more of who you truly are.

This is a big part of the Ascension process, to change your beliefs from limiting, to not limiting. To let go of the illusion of being less than, not enough, unworthy, limited. To understand that you are the creator of your reality. We would say it is an ongoing process, a step continually repeated, as you have many, many limiting beliefs. When you have many limiting beliefs and a lot of fear, there needs to be a repeated process of listening to your negative feelings, of finding the belief that triggers fear in you, and then changing that belief. In this process is also to express and allow the negative feelings to come up and be felt. You must allow the energy to run its course through you, so that you can then let it go. You must feel the feeling, from the wounds of your past and your present, so that it can move through you. Energy wants to move, that is in its nature. Through your resistance and fear, you held on to this energy, and the fear stayed within you. The pressure increases over time, as the energy that wants to move is held back by you. The manifestation events grow stronger and bigger, due to this internal pressure. When finally you do allow the feelings to come up, be felt and expressed, you start the healing process. The energy was only there to signal to you that you needed to change your beliefs. When you do that, you once again allow the energy to move again, and yo allow it to move out of you and back into the Universe. When you let go of the reason for you fear, when you let go of the limiting belief, you also let go of the wounds you have carried. You allow the energy to leave you, and it goes back into the Universe, having delivered its message. Because that is all negative emotions are: messengers.

Once it leaves you, it is simply energy, not negative or positive, just energy, just Love. Love is the energy of Source, of All That Is, and so love is the energy that moves through you. As all energy, all that exists, is love, so is the negative emotion, so is the fear. Fear is a nuance of the energy of Source/Love, and it is an energy that carries the helpful message of how you are limiting yourself. This allows you to stop limiting yourself, IF you choose to listen and change. Is this not an act of love? We say it is. Fear is a nuance of love, like all things and energies in existence.

Once you have changed your beliefs, or at least become aware that you do have these limiting beliefs, and that they are illusions, not truth, the healing starts. In realizing these beliefs are not true, you can let go of some of the fear. The fear then moves out of you and into the constant circulating energy of the Universe. You are now left with less fear inside of you, and the void where fear used to be is instantly filled with love, the energy of love, because that is your natural state. You are love, and so you naturally and automatically attract more of this. This is the process of healing: letting go of fear, and allowing in more love. You allow love to fill you and you allow the fear that was in you as a messenger, to once again go back into the Universe as energy, once again be love energy. You could say you have transmuted your fear into love, but what has really happened is that the love delivered it’s message (experienced in you as fear) and now it has returned to once again be a part of the circulating masses of energy, the masses that shows up as any energy that you or other beings need at all times. The energy will be felt and expressed differently according to need, by each one who attracts it.

The actual change or transmutation is what happens in you, when you change your beliefs. You change how you perceive yourself, you let go of the illusion and once again allow yourself to see who you truly are. You shed the illusion, the fear, the limiting beliefs, and you perceive more of what and who you always were: Love. The more you listen to your feelings, accept their messages and change your beliefs, the more you can let go of fear. The more fear you let go of, the more you heal your old wounds, and you become more of who you are, and you let go of the illusion: who you thought you were. This is healing, this is ascension. It is an ongoing process, over and over, until there is only love left within you.


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