If it was easy, you would have done it a long time ago, would you not? But it doesn’t have to be hard work. When you practice sports, or anything else that you enjoy doing, it is hard work but also great fun, isn’t it? The hard work only loses it’s charm when you focus too much on only the end product, and when every time you don’t succeed is seen as a failure. To you the spiritual work becomes hard work because you use it to measure your worth. You do most if it in the hope of not having to feel negative emotions again, as if changing your beliefs would mean that a year from now you have zero fear left. You use your progress as a measure of how worthy you are, if you are good enough. Every day when you are not “perfect”, you see yourself as not good enough. “I should be better at this” takes the fun out of the game, and only leaves the work with the feeling of a job, a task you MUST do as opposed to something you WANT to do.

Have you ever perceived this life as a game? That is what it is. Nothing more. You and your loved ones, are advanced souls playing a game. You pretend that you don’t remember who you truly are. The game is made up of your vibration. Everything you experience, is created through your vibration. If you can control your vibration more than you do now, you can control your outside conditions more than you do now. And this kind of control is even “allowed”! When you learn to control your vibration, rather than trying to control the reflection, the game becomes more fun. Learning to control your vibration is a lot like learning to balance on a thin line. It is difficult to learn it from a book, and it is nearly impossible to explain how you find that balance, but if you practice enough, you can do it.

You don’t have to meditate, unless that feels good as you do it. You don’t have to journal, unless that makes you feel good. Practice being aware, in the moment. All the information comes to you in the moment. Everything you need to do or change, can only be changed in the moment. When you are in the process of changing one or many beliefs, it happens in the moment. You have an old belief that you want to change. You are aware of this, and go about your day. Suddenly you notice you feel negative emotion. You ask yourself why. You then see that this is connected to a belief you want to change. Well, in that exact moment is an opportunity for you to change your belief. It is an opportunity for you to suggest to yourself another belief that is more helpful and beneficial to you. The first 30 times you do this with this same belief, maybe it still feels untrue, and maybe you still choose the old belief. But at some point, you are going to see that you actually believe 51% in the new belief. Because of repetition, because of time that has passed between your first becoming aware of the belief, and then all the experience that has led to this now moment, you have slowly shifted your belief from a limiting one to a beneficial one. Remember that your old beliefs have been created from decades of repetition. Now you have to give yourself time to repeat the analysis and have enough manifestation events, in order to create empirical data for you to change to the new belief. You have to create enough proof for yourself, to be able to persuade yourself of this new belief. You can’t just say “oh I choose to believe I am worthy”, and expect that to stick after 30 years of feeling unworthy. You have to give yourself enough empirical evidence to actually believe in the new suggestion. And that takes both time and repetition, AND manifestation events.

BUT, when you do this, over and over again, you will notice a change in your outside reality. And that is when it starts getting fun! You will see how you can actually manipulate your outside world with your thoughts! As long as you can trick yourself, manipulate your mind into actually believing something, you can see this reflected back to you from your outside world! You can change your reality, without lifting a finger. And the excellency of this design is that if you do not see the change, then that is your proof that you have not been able to sell the new idea to your brain. You don’t believe it yet, not 51%. Can you not see how satisfying this game becomes if you take the need for validation out of it? If none of what you do is done in order to prove your worthiness, but just as a game to see how much you can manipulate your reality, how much more fun would it be? When you start to understand that you can in fact create a reality with almost only wanted and very little unwanted, no matter how crazy those wanted things are, how exciting do you think this creating is going to become?

The spiritual work you do is just like that game of creation. You don’t need to do the spiritual practices in order to win a prize or earn your worthiness. You do it because it can help you create the reality you want to live in, just for the fun of seeing that creation come into life. You already ARE worthy, so any “work” on your worthiness is just to create a feeling of that worthiness so that you can go ahead and create more fun things to experience in your outside reflection. It is just a game! But the game loses it’s charm when you attack it like a job, as something you need to do in order to be good enough. You are taking this way to seriously. Life can never be less great than it is now, so you have nothing to lose, and you have no actual need to “improve”. Sure, you want to, and that is great, but that doesn’t mean that you need to do it all today. And understand that this is a life long game. You are going to have new tasks to master as long as you are in a physical body. And when you transition to non-physical you will have other tasks to do, not because you have to, but because eternity would be boring if you didn’t spend time playing games.

If something become a chore to you, then stop doing it for a while. If you don’t miss it, then that was not your way of doing spiritual play. The things you do, spiritual practices, are intended to make your life better. If they don’t, try something else. And understand that it is not a practice in being “better” and it can never be a way for you to prove your worth. That is already there, present. It is all a practice in learning to love yourself, and then watching the outside reality create itself to match that love for you, in providing you with creations that reflect your love.


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  1. Audrey Bérubé Reply

    Hi Astrid ! Thanks for this article or more … those teachings. If I may ask you: is this a question from you ? Anyway, I think it’s a universal response, at least for us who gravitates near you. 🙂

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