New Earth Human – Live Course

Course dates: May 4th -29th, 2022

In this 4 week course we go through all the content of the New Earth course on our 4 live calls. The live calls include channeled intro to supplement the videos, and the chance to ask questions directly. Calls are Wednesdays 20:00 Europe / 2 pm US ET, with additional optional support calls every Saturday at 16:00 Europe / 10 am US ET. All calls will be recorded and made available for course participants only.

Throughout time there has always been souls coming into a Human life with higher vibrations than the general masses at their time. There has always been souls coming in with more abilities, more high dimensional abilities, than those of their peers. Right now, in this Human Ascension, those souls are in greater numbers than ever before. They are here to help usher in this great Ascension, through being their Authentic Selves, showing by example, and creating the bridge from your current society and into the New Earth.  

If you chose to come in as an advanced being, ready for the higher dimensions that Humanity is ascending into, you will not fit into the norm of your current society, or of the society you were born into. You will have spent most of your life trying to change yourself into someone more like the rest of society, yet failing. And in this process of denying your true self, you lost your way. And now you are here, finding your way again, and on that journey you are discovering your Authentic self. In your Authentic self is your true power. In being your Authentic Self you ignite your true power, the power to create your reality. The more that you step into your authentic self, the more you activate your inner power. The more you activate your inner power, the more you become your authentic self. 

The more you become your authentic self, the more you see through the illusion. Seeing through the illusion happens as you use your inner discernment. This discernment comes from using your feelings and emotions, using your advanced abilities of sensitivity. Through your superpowers of sensitivity you are able to discern illusion from truth through feeling into the energies. When you tap into your energy-sensitivity you will be able to feel what is of a higher vibration and what is a lower vibration. And that is how you navigate the higher dimensions that humanity is ascending into. 


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