The process of ascending is to let go of fear and become who you are. What is holding you back from being who you are right now, is fear. Because of the illusion of being separate from God, you have millions of limiting beliefs. These beliefs limit your expression and experience of life and your reality. When you feel bad it is due to a limiting belief. To feel better you change the belief to one that is less limiting or not limiting, and you let go of the fear once you understand that what you believed was just an illusion. You process and change your limiting beliefs because it makes life better. If you don’t want to enjoy life, if you want suffering and limitation, then don’t change your beliefs. But you absolutely can and do change your limiting beliefs. You go from a limiting belief such as “I am unworthy” to a belief that is neutral or beneficial such as “I am worthy”, and because this reality reflects your beliefs, when you believe you are good enough your reality must reflect that. You can indeed remove or change your limiting beliefs into simply beliefs, without the limiting part. That makes your life more of what you want and less of the unwanted. You feel better, and you feel good more of the time. You create more of the things you desire and less of what you don’t like. Life is more fun because you are not having to deal with so much fear, and you don’t live in the illusion as much.

Why clean the bathroom, when it will just get dirty again after a week? Well, because living in a dirty bathroom is unpleasant, and a clean one makes life better. You don’t have to do it, but you do it because it makes life less painful and more fun. When you don’t change your limiting beliefs, you will keep on feeling fear. The design of this reality is so that you signal to yourself when you have a belief that is not beneficial or helpful. That signal is the emotion fear. It feels bad. If you don’t remove the cause of you needing that signal, the signal will go off all the time. If you remove the reason for why you would need the signal, remove the belief that limits your exploration and enjoyment of life, then you don’t need the signal of fear and you will feel better more of the time. You change your beliefs to make life more enjoyable. And as you change your beliefs you let go of fear. As you let go of fear your vibration rises. You ascend, you rise higher. At some point there will be no more limiting beliefs or fear, and at that moment you are then ascended. Until you get there, there are still beliefs to change. At some point you will be dealing with beliefs such as “I cannot teleport” as your worst limiting beliefs. That will feel a lot less horrible than “I am unworthy”, but because it still holds you back from teleporting, it limits you, it is called a limiting belief.

You can and you will change your limiting beliefs into beliefs that no longer limit you. But because you have so many, it takes time to do this. Because this time you are part of a mass ascension, the process is going to be timed so that most ascend around the same time. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to do the inner work. Well, YOU might not want to, but most do, because most want to live a better, more joyful life. Most have dreams they want to experience, most want more of the good things and less of the bad. But you don’t HAVE to process your limiting beliefs. You can just wait until life forces you to do it through intense trauma, life threatening accidents, diseases such as cancer, losing a limb, or losing all your money and your home. At that point you will have to let go of fear, because you will feel like you have nothing left to lose, all the worst has already happened. So you can choose to just sit and wait and stew in your pain, or you can go ahead and change. Life is going to be happening anyways. Time will pass with or without you changing. You can choose to enjoy that time because you are letting go of fear and feeling better and better about you and your life, or you can suffer because you prefer suffering. But you will and you do remove your limiting beliefs, you just don’t remove them all in one week. So yes, you will continue to have limiting beliefs until you ascend, because once you don’t feel fear you have ascended. But if and as you do the inner work, you have less and less limiting beliefs and so you need less and less signaling through fear in order to change your beliefs. Less fear means you feel better. Feeling better makes for a more enjoyable life. Added to that you will enjoy life more because you now know you are worthy and that you can do whatever you want to do. When you believe you are the creator of your life, you will start creating everything you dreamed of, because you no longer have those beliefs about not being able to do it, to limit your creations.


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