In the non-physical we float in and out of groups. Some of us tend to stick to the same groups and others go all over. A group can consist of millions of souls, or just two. It differs all the time. The knowledge that is received by you all on Gaia is knowledge that is available to us all, so there is no ownership to knowledge, and no one person holds any knowledge to themselves. All is shared because we are all One, so what one knows all of us will know. We tap into the same brain so to speak.

When you channel you connect to us through your inner being, your higher self, your soul, whatever you wish to call it. You connect to us through the part of you that is Source, and that connection is instant because the separation is only an illusion. It feels like you are separate from us and from others but you are not. We are one, both in mind and body, as the One is all that is. Your connection reaches out with a question, and the Oneness instantly responds. Time and space is illusion only and so before you have TIME to finish asking the reply will be sent back to you. We say sent back only as an image, because you are a part of the oneness that both asks and replies, so in a way the message never leaves. As you ask you turn your Source awareness to the answer of this request, and in that instant you are asking you also become aware of the answer. The One searching for an answer is in other words also the energy that is the answer. You are both the question and the answer. Do you understand the totality and complexity of Source?

Source is the energy that is your body and your mind. It is the energy that is asking and it is the energy that is replying. But it is also the question and the answer in itself. The information that holds the answer to your question is also source energy. Information is source energy. So when you channel you simply turn your awareness to a different part of yourself, compared to the part of yourself that is the question. And we say “part of yourself” in the sense of you as Source, not you as your human identity. But then again, your human identity is also part of all that is, or source, so in a way the human body and the question/answer is One energy.


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