What is holding you back is fear. You fear putting yourself out there because you fear how you will feel if it is not well received. You fear having to deal with your feelings if people don’t like what you have to give, if they buy it and don’t feel like it was worth it, if they don’t buy it at all. You fear what the outside reflection will make you feel if you push through and do this thing you have been inspired to do, and in order to not have to deal with that reflection of your feelings of not being good enough, you just don’t put yourself out there. You’re stuck in the fear part, in the in-action, because you fear the results of your inspired work.

The only way to get your shit together is to get your shit together. There is no one else out there who can do it for you. You have free will. You can choose to procrastinate and find excuses in order to not have to deal with your fears, or you can go ahead and do it. As long as you don’t do it you will continue to feel fear. The fear will grow and expand, and you will feel worse and worse as you keep on ignoring your inspiration. Until at some point you explode and get sick and tired of feeling the fear, and you jump in the water and put yourself out there. You put your work out there, feeling vulnerable, and letting people see what you have to offer. You put yourself out there, because what you are selling is YOU. And that is why it is so scary, because you see this as a representation of you. That means that if people don’t want what you are offering, you will see it as a rejection of you. But you don’t want to be rejected, so you avoid putting it out there, so people can’t reject you.

Can you see how you are making this much more difficult than it has to be?

If you do get rejected, that is not because what you are offering is not good enough. It is because you think that you are not good enough, and so of course what you have to give must also be not good enough. But the outside world does not reflect your true value, it never could. Nothing is that amazing, except for you. The outside reality only reflects your beliefs, and mainly your beliefs about yourself. If people were to reject your project, that would be a reflection of your belief that you are not good enough. It would simply mean that you need to change your perception of self. It would mean nothing about the quality of your work, or your own value. It is just a reflection of your beliefs.

The best way to change those limiting beliefs? To put yourself out there. To face the possibly unpleasant reflection. By being willing to face the possibility of failure, and how you believe that failure reflects on YOU, you are proving to yourself that you are stronger and more powerful than that fear. You have to actually make the move, walk those steps, in order to feel and understand that you are capable of overcoming the fear. The longer you put it off, the longer you wait, the more the fear expands. As soon as you jump in and experience the possibility of failing, you will know that it is nothing to fear. It might be uncomfortable, but not nearly as uncomfortable as fearing it. Being in it is never as painful as dreading it. If you do get to experience what you call failing, you will be able to rid yourself of the fear of failing in the future. Through experiencing failure, or rejection, you will be able to truly understand through empirical knowledge that there is no such thing as a failure. There are only experiences. And if you need to experience rejection in order to stop fearing it, then you can experience that and get over it. The minute you accept that failure, and truly know that it is not a judgment on you, but only a reflection of your beliefs, you set yourself free from the fear of failure and you will turn the failure into success. That change does not happen because you do some work on your project. It is not a change from changing what you offer. It is the result of an inner change, a change in your vibration. As you change your perception of self, as you change your beliefs about who you are and the value of what you have to offer, your outside reality will reflect that change. As you reduce the fear of rejection, of others not approving of you, the fear of “failure”, you will no longer need to live and experience it.

Life throws these experiences at you so that you can prove to yourself that there is nothing to fear. The active fears that you carry within you will call to your life experience situations that trigger these fears. This is only so that you can see your own strength and power, and understand through actual experience, that you have nothing to fear. You are greater than the thing you fear, whatever that thing is. There is no greater power than you, in your life. YOU are the power that fuels all in your life, and no one but you can create in your reality. When you are afraid of doing something, you are afraid of creating. You are afraid of your own power. You are afraid of feeling bad. That is all it comes down to: fear of feeling bad. But understand that those negative feelings are only signals from you to you. They are not moral judgments! They are just signals, that is all it is. What you fear will seem frightful and powerful, until you face it through experience. Once you face it through experience, you will discover that nothing is greater than you. The fear was based in illusions. The illusion of you not being good enough.

There is no other way to get over the fear than to face it. Live it. The longer you hold off doing this, the more the fear will expand. You have a choice, in all situations. You can choose to limit yourself from fear, or you can choose to prove yourself greater than any fear. That is always your choice, your free will, your power.


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