Who you really are? Sweet thing, we could write a library full and still not be able to capture your essence!

You are the world, the stars, the planets, the galaxies, the birds, the grass, the sun itself. You are the wind, the desert, the waterfalls and the horses on the prairie. You are life itself my dear. You are the one, true power that be. You are it all, you are Source. Yes, you are beyond definition. You simply are. If you are all, if you are the completion and the single parts, are you all of it or can you say you simply ARE?

To say that you are love is also beyond description, because you can not comprehend the magnitude and magnificence and enormous size and power of what is Love. You can not truly feel what love is until you leave your body and return to us. But you can come close, and we will help you.

You are all of it.
At the moment you think you are a certain set of parts. These parts are chosen based on what others tell you that you should be, what you are not, and what you are. The totality of who you present yourself to be to the world now is based on what others want from you. Their desires and needs are what has shaped you and so we can tell more about them based on your appearance to the world, than we can about you.

You are hidden, deep deep inside the beating heart that lies in your chest. Will she emerge one day?

Well that is up to you. There is great fear between you, and the separation is getting more painful each day. Each day you move closer to her, and the longing intensifies as you see more and more of her. You long for her presence. You long for her to be. As does she.

Take your time to look within. You need to look into the darkness as well as the light. Understand that the darkness is only there until you shine a light on it. Once you open the door the light will flood in and you see the skeletons are only dust and old clothes. There is nothing within you that is not good. There is noting within you that cannot withstand the intense scrutiny of your eyes, and there is nothing within you that is not worthy of living. All of you is good. Only good. There is no evil, no bad, nothing worthy of shame in you.

You are pure love. Everything else is an illusion and must be brought to light so you can see the truth of who you really are. Silence your thoughts and your body, go within, and ask her, who are you? What parts of you have I rejected or neglected? What parts of you can I offer love now? For that is all she wants, for you to love her. Your love will set her free.


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