June 11, 2017:

You are the one. You are all the one. You are needed. You are necessary. Your purpose is yet unfulfilled, or you would not be here.

You are needed in your closer circles, at home, and at the world stage. This journey is for you, and your part in the journey of those around you can not be limited by your fear and indecision.

As you continue along your path you are constantly and tirelessly inspiring others. Those you meet on your journey are never brought to you by coincidence, not even the mailman or the cashier at the bank. All of them are there as teachers for you, and for you to teach them. Look at them as signposts, guiding you towards the person you are to become, the one you want to be. All of them and every single one is intrinsically intertwined in your destiny, as you are into their. You have decided upon this encounter, long or short, fleeting or a lasting relationship, and it is all to bring out the thing in you that you most need to witness at this exact time. The timing of your encounter is essential to your continued progress, and the lessons they give you the opportunity to learn are also essential.

Do not resist or pass up this opportunity for growth, and do not reject the wisdom in what they can teach you through your discomfort. The emotions they bring up in you are guides, guiding you towards greater freedom within yourself and your life. Equally, do not remove from them their opportunities to learn from you. By hiding your light you are stealing from them the chance of progression, today at this moment. If you could be honest and be who you truly are in the meeting with these people, they would learn so much more from your encounters. The interaction between humans is the greatest tool for learning and enlightenment, and you are all teachers in every moment you live.

Be brave, be open, be who you truly are in your encounters with the world.

Allow the world and the people you meet to be your teachers, do not reject them because they make you feel uncomfortable. These painful or joyous moments are here for your growth, the growth and expansion you want so dearly. Accept the lessons, and accept the messengers. Accept that your role is also important. For you are all needed on this day, on this planet, at this exact time. That is why you are all here.


Spiritual Guide

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