Be all that you can be, be all that you came here to be. You doubt yourselves, but we do not, for we already know who you are. We live in the future, and we know what became of you, we know who you turned out to live as. Now that you know that we know who you became in this life, and you know that we honor you, we cherish you, we admire you and we love you… can you step into the knowing this for yourself? Do you dare to believe that this greatness we talk about is you?

We speak a lot about your greatness, your power, and the magnificence you truly are. That is because your sense of unworthiness and sense of being powerless is a great block in your life to living the life you dream of. This sense of unworthiness permeates all of you and dictates your whole existence. And the most insane part of this all is that you are all Masters! You are Masters thinking you are but students. You are the Masters who decided to dive into the most dense of all planets, to truly test your powers. You are here because all else would be too easy for you, Masters that you are. And yet, and still you doubt yourself, you question your right to be here, you question your powers, and some of you question your desire to go on in this world.

What we can say to those of you wanting to leave: this is not your time to exit. You are needed. Your experience of the darkness and living in the darkness was something you signed up for, just for the experience of the contrast of it. You chose this so as to truly feel the magnificence of you overcoming the darkness. You wanted to truly feel the greatness that lies in you to overcome, to be the Light against all odds, to be the Master that you are, overcoming your inner darkness with only your Light to guide you. You have brought us forth, all of you fighting to get out of the darkness. Your intense desires have brought us here, and enabled us to give our messages to the world. You are needed, you are powerful beyond measures, and you are magnificent, all you warriors of the heart.

Do not hide your Light anymore, do not dwell in the darkness, pull yourself up and above the pain, and surface as the greatness that is you. You are the Sun and the Stars, the Light and the Love, do not doubt your extraordinary powers! Being here is by your choice and your decision, but you never meant to drown yourself in this pain. You never meant to feel that you were without hope or without guidance. You are never alone, you are never without our support.

We are constantly here, carrying you, supporting you, guiding you and loving you. We never give up and we are here for you with all our love. We love you beyond limits. We love you with all our powers, and this is an immense collection of power. If you can not yet trust your own powers, then trust our power and our love. Let us guide you, let us help you, let our words bring you relief. Let our words remind you the greatness that is you, for you are all needed in this time to come.

Beloveds, the strength you have needed to stay here through your darkness is now needed to be the Light.

Lift yourselves up, let go of the pain, and decide to be the Love that is All that Is. You are it, you are the one, you are the Light. Shine for the world, shine for us and shine for all that is YOU.


Spiritual Guide

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