You are stepping into the you that you were before you came here to Earth, the you that is the vastness of the Universe. You are stepping into, and feeling the space that is in potential, in All That is. That is you, that is who you are. All of it is inside you.

When you see the visual of the outer space inside of you, that is a picture of who you are. It is a picture of both who you truly are, and an illustration of how the world that you live in now is all within you. You see? It is all within you. You are all of it. 
This vastness, and this space, it is not empty space. This space is not a hole that needs to be filled again. When more of your Persona is let go of, what you are left with is space. Endless space for your expansion, your delight, your development. Endless space for you to play with, to mold into what you desire. 

You are all in the process of letting go of more and more of your Persona, the roles you have placed upon yourself in this life, and some of the roles you have brought with you from other lives. You are all in the process of dismantling what these roles mean about you. You no longer need to define yourself based on these roles, they do not apply to you anymore. Society can not tell you who you are, you are changing too rapidly, finally seeing the truth of it all. 
When you let go of these traits, these roles and masks that you thought was you, what then are you left with? You feel fear, because you feel an expanding space, and emptiness withing you. You do no longer have these definitions to safeguard you anymore, and your mind is telling you that you have no walls on your house, no roof, no shelter.

What you have, my dears, is the vastness of the Universe.

You are the actualized, AND the potential.

You carry the potential within you. This emptiness that is building and taking shape within you, that feels like an open hole inside of you, this is not the space of lack, it is the space of potential. Potential is unlimited, undefined, a vastness you cannot imagine. So you feel fear as these new parts of you are coming in, and as you are losing your old, false shelter of illusion. This old mask was never really you, the safety was an illusion. You are not losing anything, simply letting go of the illusion. That is all it is. No loss, no lack. Only a gaining of clarity, gaining back an understanding, within, of the vastness and the endless potential that is you. That is who you truly are, and your powers are endless. Do not fear, my child, this is who you truly are. This belongs to you. Let go of the illusion and step into the space and the potential, the freedom of the unlimited and undefined, the freedom of the vastness and the emptiness. Allow the stillness to settle within you and feel the peace that comes with the freedom of being beyond definition. You are not losing anything, my beloveds, you are gaining your freedom again. Taste it, take delight and strength from this vastness of expression, and let peace and love be the new fuel for your cells. 
This is who you are. Accept it with grace and peace. You are the Universe, you are All That Is. Go in peace, allow the stillness inside of you, and feel into this space. You are IT. 


Spiritual Guide

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