I found my old Facebook posts from back in 2017 when I first started channeling. Sure, some of them are pretty cringe worthy, but hey, we all start somewhere 🙂 So here is the first message from June 4th, 2017:

Look for the silence, the stillness. This peace resides deep within. This is where your treasures are. This is what will bring you forward, and to where you long to go. This is where your power is, this is where your truth is. Go within and seek the stillness, the silence. Stay in your own peace and find your true desire. This desire is not money or fame, it is not to own another person or to be a leader. This desire is pure love, and when you unlock your stillness you will find the hidden meaning behind your path.

This journey is just for you. It is all just for you. Forget about the demands placed upon you from your society, your family, your spouse and your friends. This journey is just for you. You are the one, the only, the important soul and the beating heart that we seek to enlighten. You are the one who longs for the sunshine and the freedom of living true. Do not let them overwhelm you with their needs, always always put yourself first my child.
You deserve the life you want, you deserve to live in connection with the One and the one inside you. You NEED this connection, you long for it and you strive to make it happen. What we want to share with you child, is that YOU are this connection. Do not look outside of you for validation of your truth. No one else can tell you where to go, or where your journey should lead. You are the truth and you carry within you your own compass. Go within, into the stillness and peace that you truly are, find your compass and go where it leads you. Forget about what you should do and do what you long to do.

This stillness will tell you all that words can not describe. Your essence is beyond words, your truth is larger than your alphabet. Your heart and soul holds the map for what you want, but you need to let go of your outside world for just a moment to access this map. Go within and find your ocean of silence. Look at the water, see how there waves get smaller and smaller until they softly silken out the surface. See how your silence comes in and fills the vast space within you. Feel the quiet ticking of your inner clock, and let time cease to exist, just for the moment, just for a little while. In here there are no demands, only existence. In here you only ARE. Be for a moment, my child, and feel the vastness and the power in your silence. This is who you truly are, my Star.


Spiritual Guide


  1. Nancy A Whisker Reply

    I LOVE this message, Astrid! ❤️ Cringe worthy – I think NOT!

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