You see yourself from a higher perspective when you see yourself from a position of love and acceptance. Complete acceptance of who you are today is love. You can only move forward from a stance of love. To allow yourself to make mistakes, to allow yourself to react and feel even though you know better, to allow yourself to be human – that is how you see yourself from a higher perspective.

Realize that your human ways are not worse than the ways of who you truly are. You are not a fallen individual, you are not some lesser copy of your true self. You are your true Self, in this moment exploring life from a very different perspective. You never lost yourself or left your true self, you simply chose a different colored lens to perceive your reality through. This choice of perception is of the moment, it is fleeting, and it is a very expansive experience. But it does in no way take away or lessen who you are. As you are exploring life through the eyes of a human, you are still in your core and through all of your being, your perfect Self. All the while you are feeling pain and fear, all the while you are struggling through life fearing lack and losses, you are still that Divine Self. It never left, and you never parted.

There can be no separation. As you are one with all that is, so you are one with what you would call your Inner Being, or your true Self, or Who you Really Are. There is no separation. You are not two separate beings seeking to join again. You never separated, you never left. You are still that wonderful, divine, eternal being of complete perfection. Who you are never changed. You just chose to forget so that you could rediscover yourself as the beauty that you are. That is how amazing you are. That the pleasure of seeing yourself again for the first time could be such bliss…

There is nothing else you need to do to see yourself from a higher perspective than to love who you are now. If you can accept and love the being that you are today, all else will fall into place. All you need to do is love. It is so in every case, in every minute, in every question. All you need to do to discover your truth is to love. Love starts with loving yourself. That is all you need to do.


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