You can be anything you want to be. All you want to be is within you, all you long to be is within you. As you release your fears, living your life, you will be led to the person you dream to be. It is all by your choice and design. The blueprint of your life will unfold at the right time and in the right way, IF you allow it to.

Before you came here, into this body, into this life, you set up certain measures. You would have certain desires buried within you and these desires would be unlocked at a certain stage in your life. All this was prepared and done to ensure that you would be ready for the unlocking, so as not to confuse you or overwhelm you before your time. You needed to be ready for this gift and so you also set up a degree of tests, if you like to call it that. These tests are what we, and most of you, call life.

At some times in your life, you might have felt like it was all tests and nothing but tests. An endless line of tests, struggles and pain. The thing is though, these tests were never meant to be painful. They were never meant to be a burden to you. You were meant to live in joy. Somewhere along the way you just got lost, you forgot how this works, and you started to live by others’ rules. For most of you, this way of living will have begun in early childhood.

As small children, you are all very susceptible to your surroundings. You depend on your parents for love and support, for food and all other necessities. This made you very vulnerable to their rules of behavior, their judgements of right and wrong. And so you had to copy them, to be accepted by them and thereby get what you needed to survive. This is what you call raising of children, socializing in the society, and learning to live or adapt to your environment.

All of this is the norm, and all of this is the reason most of you are not living your purpose. Your early childhood lessons follows you through your life and lays the basis for how you perceive the world. Your eyes are shaped (figuratively) by your parents and early friends, and your perception will be colored by their perception. You end up being more like they are, and want to you be, and very little of how you actually are and truly were meant to be. The real you stays hidden for years, buried behind a façade of propriety.

At some point in your life, this magnificent and exceptional journey of yours, you will meet challenges that seems to floor you. They seem to knock the breath out of you, and you find yourself without any means to fix your life or circumstances. The ground crumbles beneath you and you give up. For most of you, due to the incredible strength that resides inside you, this will be after years of fighting and being in pain. You seem to think that pain is a good thing, that your nature needs to be whipped into submission by painful experiences. You seem to be under the assumption that your true nature is a monster, a dangerous creature that has to be caged. This could not be further from the truth.

Who you are is love. Who you are is perfection. Who you are is a magnificent, powerful beyond your wildest imagination, sublime Divine Being. You are the perfection of the Universe, the essence of all that is good and beautiful. You are the wonder above all wonders, and the greatness of your supreme existence can not be measured or put into words. You are the part, and you are the whole. You are the One as in the singular soul, and you are the One, as in oneness with all that is. You are it, child, you are it.

Never seek for something outside of yourself, for it is all within you. This journey through your life is a continuous seeking within. Or so it should be, for the longing you all feel in your heart, in your mind, and indeed in your bodies, it is a longing to see who you truly are.

You want to find your inner being with such an intense desire that it can make you weak and depressed when you lose course. Your longing is so intense, this desire is so strong, that if not heeded you can become so lost in the search itself, and finally lose the desire to live. Life itself has no meaning if you can not be who you truly are. So strong and powerful is this desire for you. So strong and powerful is this being that resides in you, calling to you. So strong is this calling, that all of your time on this Earth will be spent searching, until you can allow yourself to be that one. The one you truly are, and the one you came here to be.


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