Your inner calling is the divine and eternal part of you that remembers who you are. You know intuitively that you are here to ascend. That is why your thirst for knowledge is strong. That is why you are creating challenges on your path, so that you can expand through those challenges and see your true essence, your true nature. So that you can ascend into your true self, while still in this human body. 

When you attract your life and your reality to you, you do so from a uniquely detailed vibration. You do so from the essence of who you are. From the unique vibration that is this specific, yet united part of Source. You are unique, but not separate. The part cannot be separated from the whole, and your unique vibration is a part of the complete vibration of all that is. Who you are is Source. Who you are is all that is. Who you are is unique, eternal and complete. You are complete within yourself, and complete within the completion of Source. You are the part AND the totality of all that is.

In this experience as a human being you are allowing yourself to experience Source through an extremely narrow and filtered perception. You are living in the illusion of being less than, of being small, of being individual. The truth is so much more. You are so much more. The discovery of this “more” is the exploration of who you truly are. This discovery is the path of being human. Being human is the exploration of the illusion of separation, and the discovery of oneness.

All the conditions outside of your body, and all the limitations you believe in, are the results of the idea of separation. The idea of separation holds the key to the human exploration. If you clearly saw through the illusion of separation, you would never feel limited again. If you clearly knew that you are one with Source, that you ARE Source, that you are indeed the complete creation, you would be living as the full expression of Source. Currently you are living as a very limited version of who you are, because of the illusion that lays the basis of the human exploration.

In this era of the ascending human you will discover the illusion of your belief of separation, and you will regain clarity to see your way through to the manifestation of Divinity expressed in human form. You will ascend the human race, one by one, as you remember the truth of who you are. This journey is a revolution. It is the culmination of all the work you have done in your lifetimes on earth, and it is both the last step in one journey, and the first step of a new one.

– Excerpt from the online course SOUL EMBODIED (linked)


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