Almost everyone on the journey of ascension will go through a dark night of the soul. Often this includes an experience of having lost it all, or hit rock bottom.  And this, this is your key to freedom. 

When you lose it all, or so it seems, you have only one place to go. Upwards, forwards, into your freedom. 

We limit ourselves throughout life by trying to get from others what we want more than anything else: love. We limit how we spend our time in exchange for others to value us through paying us for our services and our time. We limit our words and actions so that we don’t upset anyone and lose love. We overgive, compromise or do things we are not really interested in doing in order to maniuplate others to love us. We avoid risk because we don’t want the perceived humiliation of failure. We avoid stepping outside of our comfort zone because we don’t want to face our fears and our limiting beliefs about how our value is dependent on success and on how others perceive us. If you fail and no one sees it or knows about it does it matter? Versus if you fail in plain sight and everyone knows you failed…

The sense of humiliation and shame that comes from others knowing you failed is definitely worse. We go to great lengths to avoid the experience of not being valued by others, or losing value, or even testing how much others value us. Because we doubt our own value we try our best to never test the theory, so we cling to making money and getting praise from those around us as a way of determining our value But what happens when you lose all of that? What happens when you lose your source of income and you lose the role you had in society that made others respect you? What happens when you are no longer fulfilling the expectations of society, and you experience that you no longer have value to those around you? For most who have been unemployed at some point in their life, this is a very challenging experience. To suddenly be faced with the realization that you have no outside source to determine your value. Then what? How do you know your value if no one outside of you is putting a price on you? 

This is your key to freedom. To lose it all, whether it be the marriage that made you feel like you were loveable, the job that gave you status, the income that made you feel like you were respectable, the house that made you feel like you were secure, or the looks and the body that made you feel desirable. When you lose the thing you thought gave you value, you set yourself free. Which is why so many people experience this at some point in their ascension journey. So that you can free yourself from the limitation of believing that something or someone outside of you get to determine your value.

When you perceive others to not value you anymore, that is when you have created the perfect opportunity to reclaim your own value. YOU get to decide that value, and you get to claim it free from any outside circumstance or evidence of value. When you lose it all and all you have is yourself, that is when you learn that YOU are the value in you.  Your value is not how much money you can make, how perfect you look, how much you can please others or how much you can do for them. If others don’t want what you give, your value is still beyond measure. If others don’t like who you are, you are still perfect and divine. But we don’t get to learn this unless we temporarily lose the things that we think hold our value.

Our sense of value is so closely tied into others’ perception of us and others valuing us that unless we experience a loss of outside validation (money, praise, status etc) we just aren’t able to feel a sense of value in just existing as who we are. And that is exactly our value: that we are valuable just for being, just for existing, just for adding to the beauty of Source. Your value is in your unique and authentic self, in your essence of existing and your expression of that uniqueness. You are beyond any kind of measured value, regardless of how much or how little others value you. When you learn this through experience you set yourself free from needing to please others to feel worthy.

And in that freedom lies the potential to make of your life whatever you desire. To create your life into an expression of who you are, instead of a quest to prove your worth. When you have nothing left to prove, that is when you are free.

You have nothing left to prove because you have finally found that only YOU can create a sense of inner value in yourself. What you perceived to be loss of value was when you actually found your value. And that value is not dependent on any outer circumstance, not tied into how much money you make or how many people who like you. Your love and validation of yourself is your key to freedom. Any time you experience a perceived loss, let that be your step to the next level of freedom. Make your life an expression of the beauty of your authentic self, free from needing others to approve of you.

You’re here, which means you are pre-approved for this existence. 


Spiritual Guide


  1. This is just so profound. Thank you for posting this today. I really needed to hear these words today and I know it is coming from source.

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